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Moving through relationship conflict can feel hopeless. It can feel like a great storm, and no matter how much warning there is, the impact hurts. COLORADO CFI offers a collaborative, sensitive approach to counseling adults, couples, children and families by working to restore a sense of confidence, peace, and hope after relationships become strained. Counseling creates wonderful opportunities for healing and growth.

Not all forms of treatment are the right fit for every person, family or life situation. As such, COLORADO CFI uses an integrative counseling modality to remain flexible and open-minded in meeting clients' unique personalities and circumstances. We work to create trusting relationships with our individual, couple and family clients, emphasizing a human-centered approach that assumes all people are inherently good and equipped with the built-in resources to overcome adversity.

COLORADO CFI owner Julia Olson, MA, LPC pulls from her background in early childhood education, masters degree in counseling psychology, training in family mediation, and early therapeutic work with at-risk youth and supportive family members to cultivate a sensitive and informed counseling practice. Read more about Colorado CFI and Julia’s background and credentials here.

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Relationship conflict manifests itself in different ways for different people. You and your partner could both be on the same page, desperately working to save your relationship or marriage but aren't entirely sure how to do it. Or you might be the person who didn't want your relationship to end, feeling numbed, betrayed, and consumed by grief after a separation. Or maybe a divorce was your choice, but you’re surprised at how deeply you feel the end — with a sense of loss that you never knew existed.


Many adults facing relationship struggles, divorce, or separation report symptoms of depression, anxiety, feelings of grief and loss, or sudden struggles with addiction. These are all normal reactions to a profound shift in one’s family or relationship life. But relationship conflict does not have to be the end of the story. Counseling helps people find meaning in their struggles, gain awareness of symptoms, practice more helpful ways of coping, generate confidence, enhance communication, and learn valuable tools for being in relationship. Counseling is a wonderful way to grow at both individual and interpersonal levels.


Children of divorced or separated parents may display some emotional or physical reactions to the separation or family conflict. Common symptoms include excessive attachment or clinging to you, sadness, vigilance, hyperactivity, having problems in school, aggression, anger, increased fears, or being too good. By engaging in a process of coaching, parents can learn tools to help their children feel secure and supported through this tumultuous period, while they can also work to build personal confidence and joy in their individual parenting styles.


Colorado CFI views parent coaching as an opportunity for parents to strengthen parent-child bonds in pursuit of lasting and supportive relationships. Julia works one-on-one with parents searching to enhance their parenting capabilities after a divorce, separation, or when family relationships become strained. Family conflict is an emotional experience, and coaching is a wonderful way to maintain grounding through knowledge amidst this more tumultuous time.