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Divorce Counseling - Colorado CFI



Parenting is not easy, and it can be particularly challenging when parent conflict is on the rise. Parent therapeutic counseling teaches and promotes healthy child development and parent-child relationships, while fostering opportunities for deepening self-understanding and self-development. 

Julia uses an integrative therapeutic modality. She likes to remain flexible and open as she works with parents from all different backgrounds, experiences, and family circumstances. She works to create trusting relationships, assuming all people are inherently good and equipped with the built-in resources to overcome adversity.


Julia's background is in early childhood education and fine art. She pulls from this early experience, her education in counseling psychology, training in family mediation, personal experience as a parent, and past work with at-risk youth to inform her work with parents. Her most recent training and ongoing education is in Jungian Psychology, a theory which honors the arts, image-making, and dreamwork as an important aspect of change and healing.


A big part of helping our children as parents means examining ourselves. When parents look at themselves, their own feelings, thoughts, desires, past and present traumas and struggles, through therapy, children are impacted.

- Julia O


Read more about Julia’s background and credentials here.


Children of divorced or separated parents may display emotional or physical reactions to the separation or family conflict. Symptoms might include excessive attachment or clinging to you, sadness, vigilance, hyperactivity, having problems in school, aggression, anger, increased fears, self-harm, or being too good. Therapeutic counseling helps parents feel supported in learning and developing parenting skills to support their children, while developing self-insight and building confidence and joy in their individual parenting styles and parent-child relationships.

Julia enjoys helping parents develop strong parent-child bonds in pursuit of lasting supportive relationships.

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