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October 2016 Recognized as Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado

Colorado is making great strides towards recognizing, celebrating, and encouraging different forms of conflict resolution (mediation, arbitration, facilitation, collaborative decision-making, ombuds activities, and restorative justice) in the state. The intention is to empower individuals, families, communities, educational institutions, and businesses to foster communication and develop solutions that are acceptable and responsive to the needs of all parties involved.

Below is a recent article in the Denver Post talking about a nonprofit agency, PlayWorks Colorado, which teaches conflict resolution to young children through playful activities. Certainly our traditional concepts of peace and problem-solving are taking root, being creatively weaved into our educational systems in the form of fun and experiential play. Go Colorado!

Colorado CFI Blog | Mediation

Read the Senate Joint Resolution announcing October 2016 as Conflict Resolution Month. Makes you proud to be a Coloradan!

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